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Living Well Massage


Living Well Massage

Professional Reviews


Bowerman Law Group, PC

“Living Well Massage helps people recover from traumatic injuries, thanks to their expertise and diligent treatment regimens. We consistently find that our clients benefit from Living Well Massage’s provision of sensitive care.”

-Benjamin Keane

Active Edge Physical Therapy

“As a provider we have many people looking to us for help and its important we stay on top of our game. I recently went on a long kayaking trip and by the time I returned I was exhausted. Megan was able to get me in and work  out excessive amounts of tension in my shoulders so I could get back to work without fatiguing. She is absolutely amazing and I trust her with my own patients!”

-Chase Leavy PT, DPT

"I love working with Living Well Massage as a provider (I'm a Physical Therapist local to Tualatin) & as a customer! I can trust her with my clients whom I refer. Megan helped me to de-stress with one of the most relaxing massages I've ever had! Please consider supporting our local business professionals and give Living Well a try!"

-Micah Frey PT

Oregon City Chiropractic

“I have had the pleasure of working with both Megan and Amanda. They are both extremely knowledgeable and gifted at what they do. They are attentive and have a great feel for pressure needed. They are a joy to work with! Would highly recommend!” 

-Brandy Careri, D.C.

Client Reviews
Janet M. 
"I received a gift certificate from a good friend of mine for a massage, and what a perfect gift! The message was amazing! I highly recommend Living Well Massage. Treat yourself, or a friend, you won't be disappointed."
Danielle T. 
"I try to go to LivingWell massage about once per month for regulating headaches/migraines that are often caused by stress and tense muscles. I had to skip last month’s, and after a year of doing this self care schedule, I didn’t realize how much of a positive impact massage has had on my physical health! Even though I don’t have insurance coverage for massage, out of pocket spending is still worth the massage I always get with LivingWell."
Rich W
"Always a great experience at Living Well!"
Timothy M.
"After having a total shoulder replacement, regaining strength in my shoulder with exercise was and is the hardest part. That leaves my muscles sore especially in the early going. Massage therapy sure helps relax those sore muscles allowing the shoulder to feel more "free." Amanda is wonderful, she’s able to get those muscles in the shoulder playing nice which certainly aids my recovery."
Daniel L.
"Great location and ambiance at the Tualatin location! My back is destroyed after 20+ years in industrial maintenance and Megan has been able to address any arising issues and leave me feeling like a million bucks. I will definitely return!"
Charles G.
"I've had hundreds of massages from dozens of massage therapists all over the world. Prior to starting I was asked what needed, my goals. Choices were presented clearly. The balance of time proceeded mindfully, checking in occurred intermittently throughout. this was probably the best massage I've ever had. "
Whitney R.
"If you’re looking for someone who actually cares about what your body needs Samantha is your go to! She will take the time to listen to what your body is telling her an act accordingly with care and attention to detail. I have struggled with sciatic like pain for many years now and I received a massage from Samantha in the middle of really intense pain and she was able to help me feel so much better after a massage. She is so tender and takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable. I have had many different massages in my life from many different people and Samantha’s care has by far been my best experience. She has incredible communication not only with your body but also with you. It’s very important to leave your massage not only feeling better physically, but also feeling better mentally - knowing you received meaningful care that was beneficial to your body. I highly recommend a massage from Samantha!"
Nicole I.
"I would recommend Megan to my friends. Megan was very friendly, professional and cares about her clients and making sure they are comfortable."
Amanda T.
"So relaxing and incredible. I always leave feeling so relaxed."
Jennifer M. 
"Living Well always meets and beats expectations!"
Desiree S. 
"Great experience as always. Welcoming environment, the massage room is private and very relaxing."
Beth K. 
"SUCH a relaxing massage! The room was cozy, I was very comfortable (I’m 7 months pregnant), and Megan was so helpful and professional! I’m definitely going back for another massage before the baby comes!"
Laciea M
"I would highly recommend going here for a massage. Not only did I go for relaxation but I had a few areas to address and Amanda did an awesome job of working them out. I love her professionalism and how she explains why a certain area may be acting a certain way and what I could try to alleviate that problem. The facility is very clean and her space is very nice and appealing! Highly recommend getting massages here!"
Wendy W. 
"Megan is amazing!! She did a fantastic job, it was such a relaxing experience for me! Thanks Megan"
Andrea B
"Idk how Amanda just knows the areas that I need to worked but she does , you can tell she really cares about giving you the massage that you need . She’s great I highly recommend her"
Kristina N.

"Samantha is a gift. She has such a calm steady demeanor that puts you at ease. She is very intuitive with the human body and finding the source of even my most stubborn pain.  She is always able to convince the source to release and melt away.  I was hit by a truck crossing the street about 4 years ago and the areas Samantha focuses on for me are  my neck, shoulder, hands, hip and back. I have used her exclusively for over a year now and will continue to use her for all my pain relief.  You will not be disappointed with your massage from Samantha!"

April C. 
"The entire process from start to finish was professional, timely and exactly what I needed."
Danielle T
"As someone who constantly holds stress in upper back, shoulders, and neck (like most people), I used to struggle from chronic headaches and migraines. Since coming to LivingWell on a monthly basis for the past 3 months, the amount of tension in those areas has decreased immensely and the amount of movement I can get in my shoulder has increased! It’s the type of massage that is both relaxing and productive-I leave feeling refreshed and more mobile!"
Amanda S.
"Megan did an amazing job on my body! I've had many massages and she was one of the best! She offered a comfortable relaxing space and a lovely massage. Highly recommend!"
Rene P.
Excellent Massage and Accommodating Scheduling
"I scheduled with Living Well Massage because they could fit me in right away. Once I scheduled, I needed to reschedule and Amanda was very accommodating. The massage was very relaxing and the facilities were inviting and comforting. I definitely recommend Living Well Massage to others and will visit again!"
Alexus M. 
"I’ve already told several of my pregnant friends that this place is a must!:) Perfect set up to make sure a pregnant mom is comfortable during the massage."
Pat S.
Great massage therapist!
"Always the best 60 minute massage ever! She is an excellent massage therapist and her room is a very relaxing. I appreciate her flexible schedule too!"
Great Massage!
"Amanda does a great job with a lot of options & great pricing. The amount of pressure she applies is just right which I appreciate, as I don't want to be sore for days following, but also feel like the muscles that needed work were well taken care of! Give her a try, you won't regret it!"
Yvonne C.
"I looked for a masseuse for some time. So pleased I found Living Well Massage. My back was a mess but Megan worked out some of the congested spots. Great massage."


Fabulous Pre-natal Massage

"I'm pregnant and have been very uncomfortable. I had a bad experience with pre-natal massage with my last pregnancy and swore it off... BUT Amanda has been great at making me very comfortable and relaxed! I'm visiting her regularly throughout this pregnancy and would definitely recommend her to other pregnant women!"

-GenBook Review



"Best massage I've ever had. She knows exactly what's she's doing and she does it extremely well. Would recommend to anyone"

-GenBook Review

Pat S.

Amanda is great!!

"I've been to see Amanda twice now and really enjoyed both visits. She is close to my house, has flexible hours and takes my insurance! I just recommended her to a friend who is pregnant and she is really excited to make an appointment. "

-GenBook Review

Beulah J.

"When my long time massage therapist of 30 years retired, I had to find a replacement.  After one session with Amanda she was able to identify my key problem areas and the best ways to get muscles to relax.  She is professional, very skilled in various techniques and I highly recommend her.  If she hadn't moved, I would still be seeing her on a regular basis."

-Yelp Review



"I met Amanda through my chiropractor after being injured in a motor vehicle accident in late 2014. Amanda epitomizes professional, empathetic care. While meticulous and thorough, she demonstrated sensitivity to what one goes through when injured. As a result, Amanda was integral in helping me regain my health. She documented and tracked healing progress meticulously, showing a level of professionalism that helped me feel comfortable with her skills. She is skilled in multiple therapeutic modalities and was able to make suggestions about different options during the process. I have total confidence recommending Amanda and would continue seeing her if her practice were closer to home."

-Yelp Review

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